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Birding Cairns is a local bird-watching club based in Cairns, N.E.Queensland, Australia. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Also hosting the Cairns Birding Forum and Michaelmas Cay Report

Tuesday, May 31, 2005




Unusual sightings (rare, vagrant, or uncommon birds or unusual bird behaviour) may be reported to John Seale (after dark) on 4052 1195 or email to

Reports should be in this format -
GREY PLOVER, Andy Anderson 18/11/04 - N end Esplanade.

If more than one bird is seen do this -
BARN SWALLOW (10) Nick Bonomo 14/11/04 - Newell Beach, Mossman

An archive of the more important sightings can be found at -

Some club thing happens most Sundays;
Lakes Walks occur, without fail, the first Sunday of the month at 0630hrs;
Field trips are every 3rd Sunday, and although usually as advertised, intending participants should check with one another about the venue; this is why the contact numbers are given below - we are all only a phone-call away from each other. It only takes a sudden illness of the owner of a property which we had arranged to visit (as happened recently) to have a sudden change of venue.
Most other Sundays are occupied by a Cairns Esplanade visit. But afternoon walks in other places and on other days (e.g. Wednesdays) should be considered. Most of us live in or near Cairns so the Kuranda area or Redden Island, or Cattana Wetland-Yorkey's Knob evening walks could be considered.

It can be seen from the above discussion that all of these activities are for the locals. Visitors from other areas, BOCA members or not, are most welcome but should make sure they contact one of the above numbers before the event, because of the reasons mentioned above.

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